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How To Drive In The Snow

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How To Drive In The Snow

With storm Emma overstaying her welcome, not being able to get around is beginning to cause people a lot of problems. Here in Ireland, driving in the snow isn’t something most people have had to practice before, which is why people are so reluctant to give it a go.

Now, we’re not saying go jump in your car and get practicing! Driving in icy conditions is dangerous, but in case you do have to venture out before the snow has melted – we’d like to share some tips on how to drive safely in the snow.

Can you drive in the snow?

Although we really don’t recommend it unless you have to, driving in the snow is possible. But you can’t drive the same way as you do when the roads are dry. To be honest, we’re actually pretty lucky to be able to pull off being snowed it. People further East have to spend 4 months or longer a year driving in snow that comes above their knees!

Before you start driving in the snow

Before we teach you how to drive in the snow – there are a few things you need to do to prepare your car. Although it may seem like common sense, make sure you clean all the snow off your windscreens and windows and defrost so that you can see properly. Once that’s done make sure you have enough antifreeze. Next thing to do is to check the lights – visibility in winter is really bad so have your lights on at all times.

Other tips on how to drive in the snow

1. be careful of black ice. Think ahead – places that are normally wet (e.g. where water leaks onto the road) will freeze, so if you know anywhere like that slow down.
2. If you find yourself skidding, press the clutch. Also, don’t steer out of the skid as that’ll make it worse. Steer into the skid.
3. Change into a higher gear as soon as possible.
4. Don’t rely on your breaks for breaking – slow down by changing into a lower gear
5. When going downhill, drive really slowly
6. Give yourself plenty of room between you and the driver in front of you
7. Drive slowly around bends

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